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As the leader in the field of ammunition manufacturing technology, it is our main interest to provide our worldwide customers with the best service and machinery made in Germany.


We are an experienced, competent and reliable partner who delivers quick and efficient custom-made service solutions. This is what makes us stand out from our competitors. We provide a variety of products, covering every single step in the manufacturing process of ammunition.


We support our customers from the planning to maintenance and upgrading of their machinery. We also give online support and provide after sales services & training programs for the maintenance of the machinery.


With our international network present in more than 60 countries we make sure to stay as close to our customers as we can.

German Engineering since 1896

The company FRITZ WERNER was founded in 1896 in Berlin by Dr. e.h. Friedrich Carl Werner who had previously worked as a mechanical engineer in the arsenal of the German emperor. Dr. Werner had named the company after his son Fritz Werner. Soon after its foundation FRITZ WERNER became specialised in the design and manufacture of high quality machines for ammunition and military weapons. In the following years the good reputation of FRITZ WERNER began to spread. As a consequence FRITZ WERNER also ventured into the new market for general machine tools, again designing and making state of the art, reliable machinery of highest quality.

FRITZ WERNER was soon also supplying individual machines to export markets all over the world but in the early 1920s a new era was ushered in. At that time a client in Asia approached FRITZ WERNER with the idea of setting up a production plant to make machine tools for the local market. Recognising the enormous potential FRITZ WERNER sold a license and the know how to make one of their machines and with it supplied a full turnkey factory to manufacture these machine tools. This was the start of more world wide turn key projects to come and the successful introduction of Project Management within FRITZ WERNER.

After World War II, FRITZ WERNER came under the control of the German federal government and became a 100% government owned company. The company also moved the branch for ammunition production machines from Berlin to scenic Geisenheim in the Rhine Valley as a consequence of the special 4 power status of Berlin.

In 1957 FRITZ WERNER established its own ammunition manufacturing factory, the company Metallwerk Elisenhütte GmbH in Nassau (MEN). In this factory production and quality control experts produced on FRITZ WERNER machines ammunition for the German forces and government departments as well as for other NATO defence forces. The feedback from this production facility resulted in even more know how that FRITZ WERNER could accumulate and pass on to their customers as part of tailor made know-how packages. In 1990 FRITZ WERNER was privatized. In 2004 FRITZ WERNER completed as general contractor the most modern small arms ammunition plant for one of its clients.

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