Case Manufacturing


A leader in case production technology FRITZ WERNER has the full range of self developed case making machinery. 
Single machines can be linked together into fully automated case lines with integrated automatic material handling. Individual machines as well as full turnkey lines will be configured exactly to customer's needs.


Drawing press

The fully automatic multistation transfer press is designed for manufacturing cartridge cases for small caliber ammunition starting from steel or brass cups. The press is equipped with two working tracks that allow, whenever required, two different caliber types to be manufactured simultaneously.


Bottom press


This press is designed for indenting and heading the head of cartridge cases, punching the primer hole, first and second necking the case shoulder. The press is equipped with two separate working tracks that allow two different caliber types to be produced simultaneously.


Grooving machine


The machine is designed for grooving and cutting of cases for small arms ammunition. These processes are: grooving, cutting to length and chamfering of the case mouth.


Annealing machine


The machine 8703 is designed for the annealing of the mouth and shoulder section of small arms ammunition cases. Also the machine is used for semi annealing of case tubes.


Case gauging machine

The case gauging machine checks all important dimensions of finished cases for small arms ammunition.


Varnishing machine

The machine is designed for the varnishing of the cartridge case mouth of small arms ammunition.

Finish cleaning and drying plant


This type of machine can cover a range of rinsing, washing and pickling operations.

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